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          Data Center UPS (UPS) technology Detailed

          REVIEW] some of the important engineering departments and uninterruptible power system UPS power supply must be considered.
          GB50052 --- 1995 "supply and distribution system design" in the mandatory provisions: "a load of particular importance in the load, in addition to two power supply, there should be additional emergency power supply." Diesel generator can as an emergency power supply, but the response is too slow, to 15 in order to restore power supply, which is of modern communication and network information data flow can not match. Therefore, the engineering department and a number of important uninterruptible power system UPS power supply must be considered.

          1. AC UPS power supply

          In the following circumstances shall be designed and powered by AC uninterruptible power supply system:

          (1) require a higher power supply reliability, the use of Auto Power one way or the emergency diesel generator since the launch of methods can not meet the requirements.

          (2) General regulated frequency stabilization equipment can not meet the requirements.

          (3) the need to ensure the safety shutdown sequence of power.

          (4) real-time control computer system.

          (5) networked computer systems running.

          Computer equipment to the power requirements of high quality, not only require the use of uninterruptible power supply system, and requires power supply voltage fluctuations within a certain range to work properly. Network data transmission equipment requires the supply voltage fluctuation of ± 5% or less.

          2.UPS features

          UPS is a high quality, high reliability of the independent power supply is a battery-based uninterruptible power supply device stationary. It consists of rectifier, inverter, static switch and a battery exchange component. Normally, electricity into DC by the rectifier float charge the battery while the inverter output by the purification of high-quality AC power for critical loads, it is not mains voltage, frequency, harmonic interference. When the electricity blackout for some reason, the system automatically switches to battery, battery discharge, the critical load on the power inverter.

          UPS uninterruptible characteristics embodied in its "synchronous switching" the work process, and the inverter when the mains switch, its control system in a timely manner to detect the synchronization range mains, power does not overrun the city, the inverter device to achieve "before-break" power supply, thus ensuring the power supply system "no break switch."

          UPS products on the market, their capacities roughly 0.25,0.4,0.6,1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,40,60,80,100,120,160,200,300,400 , 500,600,800,1000 kV A, etc., and Pat-formed series products. Generally by IS0g00l international quality standard certification, UL and CE safety standards, certification and marking of anti-electromagnetic interference. Most of the PWM pulse width modulation technique used, PIGBT high power devices, the microprocessor master / slave control, can double or multiple machines in parallel. With battery test maintenance, computer monitoring Yuan duty, remote communications and other functions; composition of the machine, parts standardization, modularity, interchangeability; a wide voltage input, high efficiency output, excellent performance and strong overload capacity.

          3.UPS the power supply

          UPS power supply works under the electrical equipment to the power supply reliability and continuity requirements can be divided into single type, parallel, redundant and parallel redundant, etc.; according to the reliability of electrical equipment to the power supply and management requirements can be divided easily distributed, centralized, decentralized and focused on the combination of three ways. Distributed UPS power supply capacity of the equipment used are relatively small, supporting a short time, suitable for use in some office areas and control room; centralized UPS power supply for some of the requirements to support longer and larger rooms and other computer networks. Party shall, in accordance with what UPS needs to determine the power supply and capacity. Focused set of statistical UPS power capacity required by the designer in close coordination with the owners, and to consider the conversion efficiency of the selected UPS products. Especially the power of large, UPS conversion efficiency is very important, high efficiency and the initial investment would save the cost of long-term energy consumption.

          In general, ten room UPS power supply backup electricity using a combination of more batteries. Under normal circumstances, the mains frequency stabilization by UPS to the computer equipment after the power supply voltage to ensure power quality computer equipment; when the power cut, a backup battery via UPS to the computer equipment after the power inverter to ensure power supply of computer equipment . City and UPS battery backup power through static transfer switch to switch between, to ensure that no momentary power failure of computer equipment.

          UPS power supply for the centralized mode, the UPS should give full consideration to the equipment room layout, laying of feeder, the main cabinet of the heat and noise reduction measures throughout the room; for distributed UPS power supply, scattered all around the UPS capacity small, the problem can not be considered. However, UPS power supply should be drawn from the end of each cast dual power distribution cabinet (box) of the outgoing circuit, not from an ordinary socket escorts.

          UPS power supply design program, important for the control room scattered everywhere, in the end to ensure that dual power supply from the cast of a model, using distributed small UPS as backup power supply is also very practical.

          4. Try to avoid over-current charge

          Easily lead to over-current charging the battery positive and negative plates inside the curved surface of the electrode active material loss, resulting in decreased battery capacity available, the situation will cause severe damage to short-circuit inside the battery plate.

          5. Try to avoid over-voltage battery charging

          Often leads to over-voltage charging battery electrolyte is contained in electrolytic separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen to escape, so that the battery life shortened.

          6. Replace the activity decreased, the battery internal resistance is too large

          (1) With the UPS power usage time, there is always part of the battery charge and discharge characteristics will gradually deteriorate, the terminal voltage decreased, the performance of the battery can no longer rely on UPS power to resolve the internal charging circuit, continue to use there will be risks, should be replaced.

          (2) The battery internal resistance increases, when using the normal charging voltage to charge the battery is not charging the battery to restore its properties should be promptly replaced. Battery internal resistance is generally 10 - 30mn, if the battery's internal resistance than 200m will be insufficient to maintain the UPS bar the normal operation of the battery internal resistance is too large to be replaced.

          7. To avoid the old and new batteries or mix old and new batteries charge

          Since the new battery internal resistance are relatively small, and old batteries have different degrees of increased resistance, when mixed with old and new batteries charged, the battery internal resistance of the old large, partial pressure will be relatively larger, easily phenomenon caused by over-voltage charging; and for a new battery, small internal resistance, charge voltage and small but the current is too large, and likely to cause over-current phenomenon, so the process of charging and discharging Hunchong old and new batteries should be avoided.

          8. The battery use of the environment

          Battery life is closely related with the ambient temperature, the battery at a low temperature, the battery in the zinc plate easily pulverized, lost electrical storage performance, resulting in permanent damage; temperature is too high, the battery capacity will decline in serious condition will cause permanent damage. According to the battery manufacturer's technical specifications, the best use of the battery temperature is 2 ~ 25 ℃, the temperature range used to extend battery life.

          In short, good maintenance of UPS battery, UPS failure can be reduced to improve system stability. Through the maintenance of the battery can increase battery life.