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        2. About

              Foshan Panpower Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is the earliest manufacturer in China, producing UPS. At the early time of establishment. The UPS we produced had a huge influence on domestic and overseas markets.We have intellectual property and design and development capability. Our products include UPS power, PV power of new energy resources, inverter power, EPS, non-contact stabilizer power, STS power, maintenance-free sealed lead acid battery, etc. Products are applied to many industries, such as aviation, railways, bank, securities, electric power, roads, national defense, etc. insurance and electrical power. The customs, hospitals and governments give us a good reputation due to our competitive price, high quality and complete service.

              Our advantages, which rest in up-to-date technology, rich production experience, first rate production equipment, R &D capacity, quick response to the market and new design concept, allow us to continually develop newly high quality products in compliance with the application of electrical grid of both China and foreign countries. All our efforts lead us to the new technology and intellectuality of our power supply.

              Our products have passed the appraisal of Guangdong Science & Technology Bureau, and have been designated as Trustworthy Products by the State Technical Supervision Office and granted National Quality Permit. In line with international FCC and IEEE standards, we have gained ISO9001 certificate and obtained Network Access License for Telecommunication Equipment by the Ministry of information Industry of P.R.C.

              Aiming at people first, we are based on technological development and customers' requirements. We will make the best power supply protective facilities with our professional technical support and develop the national power supply industry.